Exhibition Guidelines

Rosenberg Library Exhibition Spaces
The Rosenberg Library, on the Ocean Avenue campus, has four exhibition spaces:

  • Second floor, Madeleine Haas Russell Gallery, atrium: one 50 ft. long wall case and four freestanding cases
  • Third and fourth floors atrium: round glass case, 8 ft. in diameter
  • Fourth floor in library, West Case: adjacent to new books

Who May Apply
Library exhibitions are closely tied to the CCSF curriculum and encourage viewers to use library resources. Academic departments may apply to present exhibitions that enhance their curriculum: these may be collaborative exhibitions created with local organizations or individuals. The CCSF Library staff creates exhibitions on topics of current interest that emphasize use of the Library’s collection. We do not mount one-person shows.

Exhibition Selection
The Library Exhibition Advisory Committee reviews applications and proposals for Library exhibitions and selects exhibitions for installation in the Library. Proposal review is a two-step process: a proposal may be conditionally accepted, pending revision according to committee recommendations. Our goal is to provide an exhibition program that balances a variety of media and represents multiple perspectives. Integrated exhibition offerings are offered each semester.

Library exhibitions are generally planned and scheduled at least a year in advance of the exhibition opening.

New exhibitions may be mounted each semester. Second floor exhibitions: Fall, Spring; 3rd floor exhibitions: Fall, Spring; 4th floor exhibitions: Rotating. West Case: Rotating. Library exhibitions are installed for a duration of six months or as determined by curatorial staff.

For more information, contact Katrina Rahn at krahn@ccsf.edu