Ruth Morgan - berfore Bear dance Presideo-Tony Cerda (186-of-299)

Ohlone Exhibit Ending Soon!


Fall 2018

Rosenberg Library

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Ohlone Elders and Youth Speak: Restoring a California Legacy
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In the Classroom: Social Justice Posters
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Collaboratory /MakerSPHERE
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4th Floor Library West Case


Spring 2019

Rosenberg Library

The Unique Costumes of the 56 Ethnic Groups of China
January 15-May 15, 2019
2nd Floor Gallery
Opening Ceremony January 18, 2019, 2-5pm

Diego Rivera En Camino: From CCSF to SFMOMA and Back
January 15-May 15, 2019
3rd Floor Round Case

Fall 2019

Rosenberg Library

Why the Immigrants Come: Contemporary Maya Paintings and Textiles from Guatemala
August 15-December 15, 2019
2nd Floor Gallery
Events TBA